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The world’s first high-tech integrated fitness assessment platform.

AfaScan Functional Fitness Assessments

AfaScan measures explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance. AfaScan enables coaches and athletes to assess fitness levels like never before. In-depth fitness data motivates individuals to achieve their goals. Training progress is visible in every training session. The 3D scan function allows individuals to see how training is changing their physique and the next goals to achieve.


Fast, Accruate and Reliable

AfaScan system adopts advanced sensor technologies. It is high-speed, highly accurate and highly reliable, it is captable of measuring movements up to 2000 degree/second of rotation, 200G of acceleration at frequency of 200hz, and meauring pressure up to 8000 pounds at accuracy of 1 ounce.


Professional and Versatile

It covers all major muscles groups and hundreds of individual athletic movements.


Quick and Easy

Simple and fast, AfaScan runs a comprehensive 7-task fitness assessment in just 10 minutes.


Elite Training

Now coaches can quickly assess targeted strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to create tailored classes to achieve fitness goals faster.


Real Time Feedback

Real-time feedback inspires individuals to discover true fitness.

Body Composition Analysis

AfaScan's body composition analysis function uses an eight-point contact electrode and multi-loop measurement method to provide a complete set of body composition analysis as following:


         Body Composition Analysis

         Muscle-fat Analysis

         Calculated Analysis

         Segment Fat Analysis

         Segment Lean Analysis

         Weight Control Program

         Body  Balance Analysis


Body composition analysis reports will  upload  to the cloud to help members build a complete body data file.


3D Body Scan

AfaScan’s body depth sensor technology generates a highly accurate 3D rotatable shadow model of your physique. The scan reveals key body measurements including shoulder, chest, waist, hips, and calves circumference.  


AfaScan’s history function enables athletes to compare with past scan measurement data to assess the outcome of their nutrition and training.




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